The alternative choice of lighting for use with Digital Still & Video Cameras:

The ability to alter the 'White Balance' on digital cameras has removed the need to always use daylight balanced lighting in the studio. Tungsten lighting with its 3200K colour temperature can now be used to produce perfectly colour balanced pictures. Continuous light sources allow the photographer to see exactly the effect of the studio lights on the subject as they are being adjusted.


Tungsten 500 watt studio lamp

Tungsten: (LIT100)
Uses a 500 watt studio lamp with a colour temperature of 3200K which is a standard white balance setting on digital cameras.

The removable reflector can be interchanged with a heat resistant softbox to produce a soft light source when required. The light can also be used with umbrellas and barn doors.

  Halogen 1000 watt studio lamp

Halogen: (LIT120)
When more light power is required the 1000 Watt Halogen version offers added light control allowing the light output to be adjusted over a 4 f-stop range.

The colour temperature is 3200K so allowing the Halogen units to be used in conjunction with the Tungsten version when required.

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