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For nearly sixty years Paterson have specialised in the manufacture and supply of equipment for the manual processing of silver based photographic film and paper.

Paterson darkroom products are in use all over the world in schools, colleges, and professional and enthusiast’s darkrooms.

The comprehensive range of products includes film developing tanks, measuring graduates, enlarger accessories, film and print washing equipment and 35mm and roll film enlargers.

All of the darkroom plastics are manufactured in Paterson’s own factory in the UK.

The range of darkroom equipment is supplemented by the range of ‘ACU’ black and white chemistry formulated by Geoffrey Crawley which is designed to produce optimum quality from modern black and white film and paper

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Paterson Black & White Chemistry

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Paterson ACU chemistry is designed to offer photographers the optimum quality from modern black and white film and paper.

Formulated by Geoffrey Crawley, the liquid chemistry is manufactured to a high standard ensuring longer shelf life and repeatable results.

Aculux 3 (PAC106)

A one shot developer designed to offer optimum quality when negatives are to be scanned. Negatives developed in Aculux 3 display very fine grain and superb tonal gradation with maximum highlight and shadow detail. Suitable for all modern and traditional black and white films, it will give almost grain free negatives with modern technology films.

Standard dilution 1+9 (or 1+14 with 50% increase in development time).

Aculux 3 Instruction Sheets (Microsoft Word Document)

FX-39 (PAC111)

A one shot high definition developer designed for use with all modern technology films (e.g. Delta & T-Max) and conventional films with speeds up to 200ISO. FX-39 is formulated to allow the highest standard of sharpness and definition for a film to be reached.

Its standard dilution is 1+9 which offers short developing time for greater negative control. A higher dilution of 1+19 can be used as a 'compensating' developer to control high contrast.

FX-39 Instruction Sheets (Microsoft Word Document)

Acugrade (PAC131)

Designed to process both, modern RC/PE or fibre (barata) based black and white printing papers. It produces rich blacks, superb mid tones and sparkling whites. At 20 Centigrade with the standard dilution of 1+9, the image development time is 60 seconds.

The developer can also be diluted at 1+14 with a 50% increase in development time. Over exposed prints can be snatched from the developer whilst retaining rich blacks.

Acugrade Instruction Sheets (Microsoft Word Document)

Acufix PAC141)

Acufix is a rapid acting fixer for all films and papers. The standard dilution is 1+3 for the shortest fixing time. An economy dilution of 1+7 can be used if the shortest fixing time is not important.

Acufix Instruction Sheets (Microsoft Word Document)

Health & Safety (COSSH) Data Sheets