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£113.60 Inc VAT
NAMEBenbo Trekker Mk3 Compact
CATEGORYBenbo Tripods

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Extends to 1.14m (45"), closes to 0.64m (25"), weight 1.6kg (3.5 lbs)

The compact version of the award winning Benbo Trekker Mk3 is 2/3rds the length of the standard model. This makes it easier to transport, as it will fit into most medium size suitcases. It is also ideal for low level Macro work such as photographing flowers and other plants.

The Mk3 Compact Trekker incorporates slightly geared faces on the main joint components, ensuring that the joint can be locked firmly without undue tightening of the locking handle.

The flexibility of the leg joint mechanism combined with the ability to swing the centre column through 180 degrees, allows the camera to be positioned at almost any point relative to the tripod legs.

The Trekker will support the majority of modern DSLRs and Medium format film cameras. However stability is directly related to weight and the provision of a hook at the lower end of the centre column, allows the temporary addition of extra weight (e.g. a camera bag) to give greater stability when long lenses are in use.

The Trekker Compact Mk3 is offered with a choice of a fixed camera mount or a swivel head (see main website), the fixed mount offering more stability when heavy macro lenses are in use.