Darkroom FAQ's

How much solution is required to process a film in a Super System 4 Tank

300ml of solution is required for each 35mm film and 500ml for each 120 Roll Film

How many films can be processed at one time in the Universal Tank

Two 35mm or One 120 roll film

Are all the Super System Tanks supplied complete with reels.

Only the 35mm and Universal tanks are supplied complete with reels. The Multi Reel tanks require the reels to be purchased separately.

Can the safelight be used with Black & White Film

No film must be handled in complete darkness

What darkroom paper can be handled when using the safelight.

All current Black & White photographic paper can be handled when using the safelight.
The safelight should be a least one metre away from the paper.

Can the safelight be used with X-Ray film

Yes, most traditional X-Ray film can be handled.

What size negatives will the enlarger handle:

The Enlarger will handle both 35mm and 6x6cm negatives using the negative carriers and masks provided. It will not handle 6x7cm negatives.

Which enlarger lens do I need.

For 35mm negatives use the 50mm lens. For 6x6cm negatives use the 75mm lens.

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