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These washers provide the most rapid and efficient method of washing fibre based papers. The print basket which can hold up to 12 prints is agitated by a built in pump which is controlled by water pressure. This ensures that all chemicals are removed from the prints.

Two models are available: This is┬ástandard auto print washer handles prints up to 25.4 x 30.5cm (12″x10″).

Specially designed for fibre-based papers. Each print held separately allowing water to wash both sides. Unique agitation system for efficient washing.

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Designed to wash fibre-based papers that require longer washing time than RC type papers. The unique agitation system gently moves the print basket from side to side ensuring that the chemicals remaining in the paper base are fully removed. The standard print washer will take up to twelve prints 10×12″ (25.4×30.5cm) or 8×10″ (20.3×25.4cm), or twenty four prints 5×7″ (12x18cm) or smaller.
The major model handles 12 prints up to 12″x16″ (30x40cm) or twenty-four prints up to 8″x10″ (20.3″x25.4″)
Each print is held separately in the basket allowing water to wash both sides of the print.
Agitation of the print basket it facilitated by water pressure that operates a pump device in the washer inlet. It is important that water pressure is carefully adjusted until the basket is gently moving backward and forward.

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