Micro Focus Finder


The Micro Focus Finder provides a highly magnified image which snaps into and out of sharp focus and is bright, even at large magnifications. It is 6in (15cm) high and adjustable for individual eyesight. A shutter protects the mirror when not in use and a lens cap protects the high quality lens.

– Allows focusing on actual grain of negative
– Adjustable for individual eyesight
– Lens and mirror protected when not in use


The Micro Focus Finder is designed to produce a highly magnified image
of the picture that is being projected onto the enlarger baseboard. This allows
the grain structure of the negative to be brought into sharp focus as the image
is adjusted prior to exposure of the printing paper.
The eyepiece is adjustable for individual eyesight. This adjustment is made
by carefully moving the eyepiece up and down while looking through it, until the
cross hair built into the finder is seen to be sharp. The eyepiece is then locked
into position using the locking screw provided.
A sliding shutter protects the internal mirror when the finder is not in use.

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